How to make Ceviche

Chef Gary Mobell from the Blue Bonnet Restaurant shows us how to make Ceviche.

Blue Bonnet Restaurant

457 South Broadway

Denver, CO 80209
(303) 778-0147

A quintessential summer dish on the Blue Bonnet menu, ceviche is refreshing and packed with nutrition and a great gluten-free dish. Just note to marinate the fish overnight. The rest of the preparation takes only minutes.

Ceviche for 6


½ pound of Mahi Mahi

1 medium cucumber, peeled, deseeded and diced

½ cup chopped red onion

½ cup diced tomato

1 jalapeno (deseeded) diced

1 avocado diced

½ cup red bell pepper diced

Handful of cilantro diced

Salt and pepper to taste

Limejuice to taste


  1. Marinate the Mahi Mahi in limejuice overnight. The lime juice actually changes the chemical composition of the fish and “cooks” it for eating
  2. Drain fish of lime juice before you are ready to use and cut into cubes
  3. Mix all ingredients together
  4. Salt, pepper and add a bit more lime juice to taste
  5. Serve on tostadas, by itself, with salad, rice or beans

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