The health benefits of spending time in water

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DENVER -- For many, there's no faster way to get to that “Zen Moment” than by getting into the water. 

Denver Athletic Club fitness expert Chris Laird he says in addition to the Zen like effect water creates, it’s also a great way to tone up and improve circulation.

“You can tone all of those muscles at once. It's time efficient because of that, and you gain strength benefits as well,” says Laird.

Denver resident Chris Kelley, a member of the D.A.C., says being in the water is the best part of her day.

“Water reminds me of being near the ocean…that sound and the aesthetic part and just the floating and gliding in the water.”  

D.A.C. fitness expert Anna Sablik says pregnant women can benefit from water-based activity as well.

“It's relaxing and helps to relieve a lot of stress and exercise without feeling a lot of that weight they have,” she told us.   

Pregnant women should consult their doctor first before beginning any type of water based routine.

by Shaul Turner