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Robbery suspects slam into trailer in Denver mobile home park

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DENVER — Residents in a Denver mobile home park were evacuated Friday morning after a police pursuit ended with several robbery suspects slamming into one of the park’s homes.

Denver police conducted a Precision Immobilization Technique, or a PIT maneuver, around 1 a.m. which caused the robbery suspects’ vehicle to barrel into a structure in the Belmont Mobile Home Park at the corner of Morrison Road and West Ohio Avenue.

Cynthia Jaquez was one of five people in the mobile home that the suspects slammed into. None of the residents were seriously injured.

“There was a big boom,” Jaquez said. “I went to check outside. I went two trailers behind mine and saw someone jump the fence.”

After the crash, police took three suspects into custody, but one remained at large. That remaining suspect was barricaded inside one of the park’s trailers, but surrendered without incident shortly after 6:15 a.m. Residents were evacuated and housed in nearby RTD buses until the suspect surrendered.