Sandra Fluke to introduce Obama in Denver

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DENVER – The Georgetown law student who Rush Limbaugh, with one, memorable disparaging epithet, turned into a cause celeb in the larger battle over a woman’s right to birth control, will be taking the stage here Wednesday to introduce President Obama.

Sandra Fluke, who spoke about her sudden notoriety in an exclusive interview with FOX 31 Denver back in March, will kick things off at Wednesday’s Obama campaign event on the Auraria Campus, the first of four appearances by Obama in Colorado this week.

Fluke’s appearance highlights the Obama campaign’s ongoing efforts to run up the score with women voters in Colorado, where the president already holds an advantage over Republican Mitt Romney.

The focus on female voters follows the model laid out by Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign in 2010, when he hammered his opponent Ken Buck with TV ads portraying the Republican as “too extreme” for his comments about “high heels”, homosexuality and his no exceptions stance against abortion.

Obama has been running his own TV ad in Colorado of late that hits Romney on his past statements against abortion and in favor of getting rid of Planned Parenthood.