Online shoppers prepare for Cyber Monday

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DENVER — Whether it`s the sights or the sounds of Christmas, one thing everyone loves about the holiday season is the fantastic deals that come with it.

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Now that the grind of Black Friday is over, retailers are anxiously awaiting the biggest online sales day of the year, Cyber Monday.

According to the research firm comScore, shoppers are expected to spend $1.5 billion at online shops this year, which has gone up compared to $1.25 billion last year.

“You have two options, you can go elbow to elbow with whoever`s at the store, or just go online and buy the same item,” said Richard Wise, who runs, a site dedicated to linking shoppers with local deals.

Despite the big expectations for Cyber Monday, Wise said digital shopping habits have evolved since the online holiday was first established in 2005.

“I’ve noticed rather than Cyber Monday, the online shopping events are happening at the same time that the box stores are having theirs,” Wise said.  

Despite this change, many stores are expecting to make up to 40 percent of their annual revenue in just one day.

Convenience is a big reason why consumers flock to their computers instead of wait in line at the store.

 “I do like to shop, but it`s just so much more efficient at home, you get a lot more done,” said online shopper Gabriel Rodriguez.

Shopper Joann Bobis thinks online shopping is less of a hassle if it’s done from the computer.

“I don`t have the time honestly,” Bobis said.

And although Cyber Monday is expected to attract scores of shoppers with the click of a mouse, some still like to shop the old fashioned way.

“I will probably do some shopping online, but I really like the experience during the Christmas season to be at the stores,” said shopper Hillary Glassman.