Revised bill will give undocumented students in-state tuition

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DENVER — Elections have consequences.

For the last two years, the House Republican majority successfully blocked legislation aimed at making college more affordable for undocumented students who qualify, despite concessions made by the bill’s Democratic sponsors in an effort to win bipartisan support.

This year, with Democrats back in control of the House and maintaining a majority in the Senate, the so-called ASSET bill is certain to pass.

But the concessions made in past years to appeal to Republicans are gone.

Whereas last year’s legislation would have created a third category of tuition for undocumented immigrants in between in-state and out-of-state levels, this year’s bill will enable qualifying undocumented students to receive in-state tuition.

And, with Democrats back in charge, it’s certain to pass.

Even Colorado’s cautious governor called for the bill’s passage in his State of the State speech last week.

Sponsors of the ASSET bill will hold a press conference to discuss the changes to the legislation on Tuesday at the Capitol.