Manhunt underway for suspect accused in shooting, carjackings

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Man shot in vehicle near Colfax and Newton in Denver. July 8, 2013

Man shot in vehicle near Colfax and Newton in Denver. July 8, 2013

DENVER — Police responded to a shooting near Colfax Ave. and Newton St. in west Denver that injured one person Monday.

Officers say they were looking for a suspect described as a Hispanic or light-skinned Black man, 6’4″, wearing a blue bandana on his head. He was also wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. They were searching for the suspect in the area of 44th Ave. and Quitman St. at late Monday afternoon.

They said Monday evening he could be in a red Chevrolet Cobalt.

Police say a man who was shot was in serious condition at the hospital. He was in his vehicle near Colfax and Newton when the shooting happened. Police had earlier said a 12-year-old boy was grazed by a bullet, but then later said the boy was not hurt.

Officers say the suspect committed multiple carjackings while making his escape. They say one of the stolen vehicles a U.S. Postal Service delivery van. The suspect ditched the vehicles and fled on foot in the area of 44th and Quitman.