Secretary who stole $156,000 from school sentenced to 10 years of offender monitoring


GOLDEN, Colo. – A financial secretary who pleaded guilty to stealing some $156,000 from Golden High School was sentenced to 10 years in a residential offender monitoring program on Monday.

Judith Eakins, 53, will serve the time in a halfway house-style program through Community Corrections, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said. The program is considered more severe than probation, but less severe than imprisonment.

Court records state that an internal audit at Golden High School revealed losses in numerous accounts managed by Eakins between 2009 and 2012. Discrepancies in receipts revealed that cash turned in to Eakins was not deposited in the school’s account.

“Some of the money that Eakins is alleged to have embezzled came from ticket sales to school events such as prom, concerts, drama productions and homecoming events,” DA spokesperson Pam Russell said earlier this year. “As staff, Eakins worked the door or gate at some of these events and personally collected money for tickets sales.”

Eakins has been suspected of stealing before. Last year, her mother was almost evicted from her nursing home after Eakins confessed to intercepting more than $32,000 of her mother’s money.