5 ways to prevent frostbite

Cold weather. Courtesy: MGNOnline.com

Cold weather. Courtesy: MGNOnline.com

DENVER — Temperatures have fallen below freezing and won’t get above 32 degrees again until next week. Several days and nights of dangerously cold temperatures are in our forecast.

A frostbite expert at the Burn Center at University of Colorado Hospital put together tips to prevent frostbite and what to do if you have symptoms of frostbite.

1)   Dress in multiple loose layers of clothing with the top layer being wind proof and water repellant. The layers help trap air and keep you warm.
2)   Remove wet clothing as soon as possible.
3)   Wear mittens instead of gloves as they offer better protection. Wear two pair of socks and boots to keep feet warm.
4)   Limit the amount of time you are outdoors. Frostbite can occur within minutes on a day that is less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit with winds of 20 mph.
5)   Do not drink alcohol if you will be outside on a cold day.

Frostbite is serious. If you show signs of it you should seek medical attention right away:
– Loss of feeling to exposed body parts
– Skin feels frozen
– White or gray and waxy-looking skin
– Blistering