CU freshman arrested, accused of breaking into dorms, stealing underwear

(Photo: Thinkstock)

(Photo: Thinkstock)

BOULDER, Colo. — A freshman at the University of Colorado is being accused of breaking into fellow student’s dorm rooms and taking items including women’s underwear, police said Tuesday.

Jonathan Rubeck, 18, was arrested Saturday following an investigation by CU police.

On Nov. 10, two women who live in Smith Hall on the CU campus reported a drunk man walked into their dorm room twice and left.

Police said then that the victim awoke to find the man standing over her and touching himself. The victim’s roommate screamed and the man fled, police said.

About a month later on from Dec. 7 to 9, police received reports of women’s underwear being stolen. One of those reports came from Smith Hall, said CU police spokesman Ryan Huff.

Officers identified Rubeck as a suspect and after searching his dorm room he was arrested.

“These are serious crimes that victimized members of our campus community in the places they live,” said CU Police Deputy Chief Melissa Zak. “Due to diligent investigative work and help from Smith Hall residents, we were able to arrest this suspect and make our residence halls safer. All indications are that Rubeck acted alone.”

UCPD if anyone else was victimized by Rubeck’s activities, Huff said. Any potential additional victims are asked to call UCPD at 303-492-6666.

Police also reminded students that they should always lock their room doors, and don’t give access to the dorms to strangers including by letting them “tailgate” into secure areas.