Five Points vandals caught on surveillance video

DENVER — It was early Thursday morning when three men wandered onto a Denver family’s porch to cause trouble without realizing the whole thing was caught on video.

The incident, which happened without neighbors noticing near 27th and Arapahoe, caused a few hundred dollars worth of damage just two weeks before Christmas.

“Having to pay for a new window or a new front door is not in the budget for Christmas time,” said Alissa Williams, who contacted us to help get the surveillance video widely distributed to the public.

On the tape, it’s easy to see two men approach the Five Points home appearing drunk and stumbling to stand. The unidentified vandals are caught on camera throwing a pumpkin into a window then stealing some decorations.

“I guess I didn’t expect to see three adult men … picking up a pumpkin and smashing it up against my window,” added Williams.

The family has contacted investigators and are hoping the surveillance video will lead to an arrest. Anyone who has information about the three men or the circumstances of the incident is asked to call Denver Police.