Thornton High School threat not legitimate, investigators say

THORNTON, Colo. — Police were investigating an alleged threat to Thornton High School Thursday morning, after parents reported seeing disturbing messages on Facebook.

The alleged threat seemed to indicate that someone was threatening to shoot students at Thornton High School, which is located just off I-25 and just south of Thornton Parkway, at 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police deemed the situation not to be a legitimate threat, and the school day went on as normal with an increased police presence, Adams 12 Five Star Schools reported.

“What originally started as a threat of an off-campus confrontation among non-Thornton High School students escalated into a non-credible threat involving the school spread by a rumor mill and social media,” the district said in a statement.  ”Making any threat to student or staff safety will result in serious consequences for the individual(s) involved.

Parents who contacted Channel 2 News don’t want to their kids’ names revealed, because they said they don’t want to be targeted.

Thornton Police said they are looking into the threat but that they did not expect the school to be closed on Thursday. That’s something many parents are angry about, with one saying she will be keeping her kids home today regardless of the school district’s decision.

Channel 2 News had not received a response from the Adams 12 school district as of early Thursday morning.