Berthoud police chief resigns, investigation of police operations continues

Entering the city of Berthoud, Colorado, from the east. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Entering the city of Berthoud, Colorado, from the east. (Photo: Wikimedia)

DENVER — The town of Berthoud in Larimer County announced Wednesday night Police Chief Glenn Johnson resigned on Monday.

“In light of the continuing internal review of operations of the police department under Chief Johnson’s command, he expressed his desire to step aside in order to allow the Town to move forward based upon its evaluation of whatever recommendations come out of the review,” a statement says.

Johnson was suspended after a woman claiming she had video tape of a Berthoud police officer striking a child said she sent the tape and allegations to police in April and law enforcement did nothing.

The accuser’s video tape was first seen on FOX31 Denver News in October.

The officer admitted he’s the one in the videotape. Jeremy Yachik has been arrested and he pleaded not guilty to charges in the case and will appear in court in March 2014.

He was fired from the Berthoud police force two days after his arrest.

One question under investigation is whether the police chief ignored the video when he received it in April.

Loveland police investigators obtained a warrant and searched the chief’s office and confiscated evidence during the search.

An affidavit states, “In Chief Johnson’s office, evidence was collected that corroborated [the victim's] account of attempting to report this incident to [the Chief].”

Larimer County sheriff’s deputy Sgt. John Feyen continues to act as Berthoud police Chief. He will continue in that capacity until the Town completes its audit and determines what changes, if any, are needed.