Community continues to rally behind Arapahoe High

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Despite gloomy weather Friday, support at a tribute to Arapahoe High School shooting victim Claire Davis continues.

Across the street from the memorial fence, a gift shop owned by an Arapahoe High alum, is raising funds.

“A lot of us have had kids go to Arapahoe,” said store owner Connie Stevison. “It’s a neighborhood school that I live in and lots of our employees have kids that are there now.”

The store is now donating 10 percent of sales to Davis’ family.

Stevinson’s daughter, Brittany Limes, goes to Arapahoe High now.

“When I was in high school the Arapahoe motto was warriors always take care of one another and especially in the past week I’ve really seen that to be true,” said Limes.

Friday, underclassmen went back to the school to collect the belongings they left behind when the school was evacuated after the shooting.

The community also plans to hold a candle-light vigil for Davis Friday night.