68 of 2013′s best songs in 5 1/2 minutes

pop anthology

DENVER — For the past three years Daniel Kim, a part-time composer and DJ, has mixed all of the year’s top songs into a single nonstop track.

Kim, from Vancouver, calls his remix songs Pop Danthology.  This year’s video, which was released Dec. 3, has 10.7 million views on YouTube.

Kim managed to cram 68 of 2013′s top hits into a 5 1/2 minute song.

He told NPR it takes planning to make his mashups. He looks for similar keys and common words to match songs together.

“I can’t stand music that progresses slowly, entertainment that progresses slowly,” he said. “So making a mashup is like putting together this huge, huge puzzle — getting just all the best parts and putting them together in a way that the listener doesn’t have to just endure through boring filler parts, but they can get just the best pieces of everything.”