Pond Hockey Championships come to Evergreen Lake

Pond Hockey Championships at Evergreen Lake, Colo

Pond Hockey Championships at Evergreen Lake, Colo

EVERGREEN, Colo. — With the NHL Winter Classic outdoor hockey game picking up more viewers than ever on New Year’s Day, the time is just right for some real pond hockey on Evergreen Lake in Colorado.

This week dozens of teams from around the world are gathering in the mountain town to lace up skates and hit the ice.

“We just think this is the most beautiful spot on earth to play pond hockey,” said Steve Strunk with Planet Hockey who put on the tournament. “With a view to die for, this is how hockey is supposed to be played … on a pond or lake, with no coaches or whistles, just blades on ice and slap shots to go!”

Brandon Paulsen is 13 years old. He stands about 6’3” and is here with his club to have some fun in America.

“We don’t have anything like this,” said Paulsen. “We don’t skate outside too much; our ice doesn’t freeze like this, so I mean this is awesome!”

The Tivoli Beer Championships are from every age group, but registrations have ended.

If you missed out on getting in the tournament, you can still head up to Evergreen to get some ice-time in.

Taylor Crowson is in from Houston. She is a figure skater, but this week she is on the ice with the guys having fun in Colorado.

“We skate on a women’s club team, but in Houston we only skate on rinks, as any outside ice would simply be water as it would just melt down there … man, even our indoor rinks are hot, this is heaven.”

Heaven on earth, right here in Colorado.