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Parents wonder if son was victim of ‘knockout game’ in downtown Denver attack

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Nick Lloyd

Nick Lloyd

DENVER — The parents of one Denver man think their son was the victim of a dangerous online trend called the “knockout” game.

He suffered five broken bones in his face in a brutal attack in downtown Denver New Year’s Eve.

Denver Police are investigating the case as a part of what detectives are calling pattern assaults in downtown New Year’s Eve.

There were four assaults, all random, in the same area. Denver Police say the victims were knocked out. Robbery was not a motive in any of the assaults.

Nick Lloyd believes he’s lucky that he is still alive, even though he has five fractures in his face. “Broken jaw on both sides, my left ocular socket here is broken, the bone over here by my left temple is broken, and then right here…” he says as he points to the side of his nose.

The young man is on pain medications. He’s scheduled for surgery Friday.

“I’m not going to hide it. I’m mad,” says Skip Lloyd, Nick’s father. “And people need to be aware that this is going on downtown.”

Nick’s jaw will be wired shut for two months following the surgery.

His parents say they’ve seen videos of the violent “Knockout Games” going on across the country and they want to know if that’s what happened.

Nick and his friend were walking along 20th Avenue near Larimer Street in LoDo late New Year’s Eve when a group of young people attacked them. “Just kind of out of nowhere he got hit and I got hit,” Nick says.

His mother wants answers. “We as citizens need to be aware of it and we need to understand what can we do, you know, let’s not just complain about it but what can we do so it doesn’t keep happening,” Laura Lloyd says.

Denver Police are investigating and told the Lloyds they hope surveillance cameras or web postings of video will lead to suspects.

But because Nick was knocked out, he could not give a description of who blind-sided him.

His parents say no one stopped to help Nick, who was driven to the hospital by a friend’s mother.

Nick does have a piece of advice. “If you’re going to go with people go with a bigger group. I honestly feel like if there had been three or four of us even, it wouldn’t have happened.”


  • Heather Sharp

    “The parents of one Denver man think their son was the victim of a dangerous online trend called the “knockout” game”

    Firstly, I’m pretty sure this “game” wasn’t played “online”. Second, these are racist attacks by roving bands of blacks assaulting whites. Failing to mention that crucial part of the story will come back to haunt the moronic mass media sometime soon –perhaps when it’s their turn to play the ‘game’.

    • Raquel

      Just so everyone knows these were not racist attacks. We were a part of the attacks that night on market near 22nd one white male not sure of fhe other guys race due to it coming out of no where and being in shock. I do remember he was not dark skinned though and one of the victims was a black male. I also do not believe this is the knockout game they continued to beat the two victims after they were already knocked I layed on top of one of them just to get them to stop beating him.

  • Terence Sommer

    Why does the media never want to mention the obvious? Will any of these blacks be charged with a ‘hate crime’ like that one, lone guy in Texas? Where’s Eric “my people” Holder?

  • over them

    And why does this news channel only report when people are white but won’t say when they are clearly black from videos. AND, why is it taking so long to even report on this even though it has been happening in Denver for at least 6 months. This politically correct reporting has to stop. There is a real issue that the city of Denver is not addressing…or maybe they are by basically allowing it. It will come back to bite you.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    They (Police, Media, Govt) wanna bury this story ASAP…….When their beloved ghetto children commit felonies against innocent citizens, it goes against their PC narrative.

    Wake up, Arm Up America.

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