Happy ending for Weld County dog rescue

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MEAD, Colo. -- A border collie was found trapped in a culvert pipe south of Highway 66 off of County Road 11 in Mead Friday morning, according to Mountain View Fire Rescue.

Flash disappeared from his home Thursday evening. The dog's owner said he spent three hours looking for the missing dog in the dark, but was not successful in his search.

Friday morning, he decided to check the culvert pipe in front of his home -- about eight feet in, he located Flash.

Mountain View Fire Rescue said part of the culvert had collapsed around the border collie, making it difficult to recuse the animal without the proper tools.

Working with the Weld County Animal Control, crews were able to eventually retrieve Flash from the pipe using a circular saw to make an opening large enough to pull the dog through.

Flash was alive and sent to the veterinarian for a check-up following the rescue.

(Video courtesy of Mountain View Fire Rescue)