Video: Wind and snow make travel treacherous in Colorado mountains

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CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. -- Heavy snowfall and high winds turned travel conditions in Colorado's mountains dangerous Friday.

Powerful winds at the Eisenhower Tunnel helped turn I-70 icy which made travel treacherous. "Those winds are unbelievable, it feels like the Arctic as we stand here ... almost like the North Pole," FOX31 Denver's Hendrik Sybrandy said during his report.

The gale-force winds howled and the swirling snow reduced visibility on the highway to near zero at times Friday. "This is winter at its most ferocious in our part of the world," Sybrandy said as he described the situation.

If you were driving on I-70, you were gripping the steering wheel tightly. "Sketchy. I mean white-out, super slippery," says Kyle Fanfoni of Boulder who Boulder who made the drive. "I mean half the cars didn't even make it up to the tunnel from the [west] side. They were sliding back down. It's a mess."

There were numerous accidents and slide-offs along the highway.

The winds, snow and tough travel conditions are expected throughout the weekend.

Once skiers make it to the resorts, though, snow conditions are outstanding.