Englewood High closed Monday following vandalism

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — At least three suspects broke into Englewood High School early Sunday morning, setting fires and smashing windows, the Englewood Police Department reported.

The school will be closed Monday, officials said.

The school’s superintendent said vandals destroyed $450,000 worth of equipment just in the science, engineering, technology and math classroom.

“There’s lots of real high end equipment in there,” said Superintendent Brian Ewert. “There’s actually a 3D printer in there.”

Law enforcement responding to water pressure and security alarms about 2 a.m. found that someone had broken into the school’s computer room before proceeding into the band room, EPD said. There, the suspects set several small fires, which were extinguished by the sprinkler system.

“You can see where fires tried to be started with paper or books or things that they just tried to light on fire,” Ewert said.

A review of security footage shows at least three men who appear to be in their 20s. An investigation was under way, police said.

“We were really angry because we worked so hard to build it up,” said Tom Mansbacher, a parent and president of Englewood band boosters.

Several band booster parents rushed over to the school after hearing the news.

” I’m really upset about it too. I don’t understand why people can do something like that,” said Gail Mansbacher, a parent.

“We are working to get a new orchestra, raising funds for the band and hearing this is very upsetting,” said Mansbacher.