Security on the minds of police, business owners and football fans in Denver

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Rowdy fans after a championship win

Rowdy fans after a championship win

DENVER — AFC Championship weekend has arrived, and everyone around town is taking steps to make sure fans, residents and visitors stay safe in Denver.

Broncos fans inside Brooklyn’s bar are ready for Sunday’s game.

“It’s going to be the perfect weather, the perfect game and a Broncos victory. Go Broncos!” says David Ross.

Bar staff are also hoping for perfectly behaved fans, but they’re not counting on it. “We have an off-duty policeman and this game I’m going to have two,” says Brooklyn’s general manager Dianne Keefe.

She has seen plenty of big wins lead to big headaches, even after last week’s game. “As everyone was coming back, there was a fight right outside on the sidewalk there with San Diego and Denver fans.”

Denver Police spokesman Detective John White says, “What we have to do is think in terms of, regardless of what the outcome is, that we’re prepared for whatever may take place.”

He says police have been planning for the possibility of hosting this game for months … drawing on experience gained from security at the Democratic National Convention as well as previous sports related incidents, like the out-of-control celebrations following the Avalanche Stanley Cup in 2001 and others.

“This is not new to us. Any and every available officer that we have, that we need to utilize, those officers will be available,” White says.

“We don’t need a fight; we don’t need to get rowdy. We just need to come and support the Broncos and have a good time and everyone behave themselves,” Keefe says.

In case they don’t, Brooklyn’s will be ready. And fans have their own strategies. “This will be a mad house. This will be Broncos mania. Everything that … I’ll probably stay away,” David Ross says as he considers the possibilities.