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Suspect shot in 7-Eleven hostage situation dies of wounds

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Blas Leroux holds a woman hostage after barricading himself inside a 7-Eleven store in Denver on Jan. 14.

Blas Leroux holds a woman hostage after barricading himself inside a 7-Eleven store in Denver on Jan. 14.

DENVER — Blas Leroux, the man accused of holding a woman hostage at a Denver 7-Eleven before being shot by Denver police, died of his wounds on Friday night, the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner announced Monday.

Leroux, 34, was pronounced dead at 10:36 p.m., three days after the Jan. 14 incident.

Leroux is accused of taking several people hostage at the store on Perry Street and Colfax Avenue. The Denver Police Department negotiated with him for about an hour, DPD said.

At one point, Leroux allegedly took a woman out of the store and used her as a human shield, police said. As Leroux tried to take the woman back inside, he was shot by a Denver police officer.

RAW VIDEO: Man takes woman hostage and uses her as human shield

A search of court records found Leroux has an extensive criminal history that dates back to 1996 and includes convictions for robbery and vehicle theft.

This woman, who refused to give her name, was taken hostage by a man at a Denver 7-Eleven.

Victim says she ordeal was ‘terrifying’

The woman Leroux is accused of using as a hostage told FOX31 Denver she was glad she survived unharmed.

“It was terrifying. It was stressful and I don’t wish it on my enemy,” she said.  “Everybody that’s concerned about me, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

She said police did a “great job,” of handling the situation.

White said the man “indicated that he had a weapon,” but police did not confirm that.

A FOX31 Denver photographer was positioned across the street from the scene and recorded the shooting. In the video, the man can be seen standing behind the woman. He wore a grey hoodie and didn’t appear to say anything.

Denver Police Chief Robert White said he was pleased that the situation ended without any officers or victims being hurt.