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34 vehicles vandalized in Denver overnight

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Dozens of cars vandalized in Denver

DENVER — Dozens of people in Denver woke up to find their cars vandalized Wednesday morning. Tires were slashed and windshields were smashed.

Police said the damage stretches from the 600 block of S. Exposition Avenue to E. Hampden Avenue and from Yosemite to Leyden streets.

They estimate it happened between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday.

DPD spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said 34 vehicles were reported vandalized, 19 with punctured tires.  We found 20 vehicles with damaged tires on two streets alone.

One neighbor told us police told him 300 tires were slashed.

Lopez said it’s possible some people filed police reports online and those numbers aren’t yet available.

Instead of driving his car to work, Jacob Beasley hires a tow truck to move it.

“Really angry, I mean, I’m young and I have to spend $400 on two tires that I don’t have. I don’t have that money,” he said. Plus, he had to take a half-day off work to fix the problem.

His neighbors are feeling the pain.  Some will have to do the repairs themselves.

“Came out at 5:30 this morning, to find all four of my tires slashed,” said Andrew, who didn’t want to give his last name. He had a friend come over to remove the bad tires and put on new ones.

Just on this one side of Iliff Street, vandals slashed the tires of at least 10 vehicles.

“It’s a bad situation. I can’t even move my car right now until I get it fixed,” says another unidentified man, who woke up to find two flats on his GMC Jimmy.

He said without transportation he can’t go anywhere, and he couldn’t pick up his grandkids either.

Some victims have two flats, others four—all of them left as deflated as their tires.

“It cost me nearly $500. Pretty pricy. But, just irritated. You’re running through your mind why would anyone do something like this?” questions Emily Doane, who also had another car stolen outside the same apartment complex, Monaco South, in October.

Vandals also hurt at least 10 other drivers on Linden Court, just a few blocks west.

“Someone must have been really angry,” says victim Kelli Sena.

She found all four of her tires flattened.

“Those are brand new tires we got for the winter. We put them on a credit card. They’re not paid for yet,” she says.

One tire had 10 punctures—and a little blood—which victims hope leads to the culprits.

“I want to kick them bad. We have three kids. This isn’t exactly cheap for us you know,” says victim Josh Polk.

He also says removing old and replacing new tires isn’t how he’s like to spend his day.

“It’s really stupid, I don’t understand it,” he says of the senseless crimes.

Most victims say their insurance doesn’t cover the cost of new tires because they carry only liability—or their deductible is too high.