Players’ children give them the extra motivation they need to succeed

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Robert Ayers with his baby girl

Robert Ayers with his baby girl

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.- For Broncos players, part of the game plan this week included taking care of accommodations for the families.

Playing in the world championship is a lifelong dream for their spouses as well, who sacrifice their time during the season along with the players. For the family guys, their kids give them a little extra motivation during the season.

From the hard hits, to the intense scrutiny, life in the NFL is stressful, punishing and extremely rewarding. But for some of the guys their success on the field is rarely the highlight of the day.

“No matter what I did during the day, whether Jack Del Rio yelled at me, because when I walk in that door, she says, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” says Mike Adams. “It’s the most wonderful thing.”

When Robert Ayers was celebrating the Broncos AFC championship on the field at Mile High, he shared every moment with his new baby girl.

Last year at this time Peyton Manning was enjoying his 12th Pro Bowl appearance. His son Marshall was toddling right there with him. That other job, becoming a parent, creates a different focus in this wild workplace.

Adams adds, “It’s not just money, you want that kid to be proud of you.”

For linebacker Danny Trevathan, his baby girl who was born in November, has changed his game.

“I had a little baby girl that I love and she’s just helped me get myself together, helped me grow a lot and get prepared for the rest of this season,” Says Trevathan.