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NJ hosts Super Bowl, but feels slighted by the NY buzz

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NEW YORK — Since New York City is the media hub of America, it makes sense that all the Super Bowl attention would be focused on the Big Apple.

But across the river from New York, there’s a place that feels like a doormat.

“Everybody is just New York, New York, New York,” said Moses Harrison, a worker at the Aspen Marketplace in Hoboken, NJ.

At Stan’s Sports in downtown Hoboken, New Jersey native Danny DeConglio feels slighted. And he’s not alone.

“People are kinda aggravated with it,” he said. “People have been saying ‘what’s goin’ on? Why is this all about New York?'”

It’s irritating because already their own hometown teams play in New Jersey, but wear jerseys that say New York. People around here had hoped this one time, with the biggest game of the year in their own backyard, they’d get a little more attention and respect.

“It’s like we took a back seat to the whole thing,” DeCongelio said.

It’s not like this whole cross-river rivalry is anything new. Folks here have been dealing with it for years and they say at the end of this week it won’t really matter if the Super Bowl and New Jersey are mentioned in the same sentence of not.

They’ll still make out like winners. No matter what, they’ll make money off the tens of thousands of football fans forced to go to New Jersey for the game.

Maybe then, locals hope, visitors will realize New Jersey isn’t such a bad place after all.