Game day dish: How to make Grinder sandwiches

DENVER -- To build the perfect Super Bowl sandwich, we went to Frank Bonanno – owner of 10 Denver-area restaurants, who is about to open an eleventh: Salt & Grinder, a sandwich shop in the Highlands.

“I like to make sandwiches, and for the Super Bowl I think this would be a great sandwich to put out,” he said. “They don’t take a lot of time, if you just buy really great ingredients, you can make a great sandwich.”

Italian Grinder
Serves 1-4, depending on portions


12” Italian sub bread or baguette (you could also use individual hoagie rolls) Dijon mustard ¼ lb Mortadella, sliced paper thin ¼ lb Soppressata, slice paper thin ¼ lb Coppa, sliced paper thin ¼ lb Prosciutto di  Parma Fresh Mozzarella, sliced ½ cup Peperoncini peppers, sliced

1 cup iceberg lettuce, shredded
Red wine vinaigrette
Salt & pepper


Bread knife; cutting board; butter knife; serving platter


  1. Cut your bread in half, length-wise (unless you have pre-sliced bread), and spread a generous amount of Dijon mustard on one side.
  2. Layer the Mortadella on the side with mustard, followed by the Soppressata, Coppa and prosciutto. Fold your meats in half to achieve more height with your sandwich.
  3. Layer mozzarella and peperoncini peppers on top of the meat, followed by shredded iceberg lettuce.
  4. Top with a generous amount of red wine vinaigrette. Finish with salt and pepper. Top with second slide of bread.
  5. Slice the sandwich according to size preferences and arrange on a platter.

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  • doug

    Frank may know meat, but he seems to be clueless regarding health code and food safety. Handling all of that RTE (ready to eat) food without wearing gloves is a major violation with Tri-County Health and usually deemed unsafe by any health department. Don’t tell me this was just for demonstration. If he cared enough and taught his employees correctly then he would care enough to demonstrate that to people wanting to make his sandwich.

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