Aurora may repeal ban on pit bulls

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pit bull ban

(Photo: MGN Online)

AURORA, Colo. — The city of Aurora has been in conversations about repealing its ban on pit bulls.

According to The Denver Post, Aurora’s pit bull ban has been in effect for the past eight years and, on Tuesday, the Public Safety Committee will take another look at the law with the hopes to forward it to the full council for a vote.

City councilwoman Renie Peterson, who is sponsoring the ordinance, told the newspaper that she has heard from a number of people who do not support the ban on the “misunderstood breed.” She added that she may also have enough support from the full council to successfully repeal it.

Barb Cleland, chairwoman of the Public Safety Committee, said she was never for the ban on pit bulls.

“I have always been on record that we shouldn’t ban any breed of dog,” she said.

Instead of an all-out ban, she proposed the city focus on an ordinance that increases fines for dog attacks, no matter what breed the animal is.

“The focus should be on responsible ownership and reckless owners,” said Cleland.

Aurora banned residents from owning pit bulls in 2006 and, since the law was instated, the city claimed it has seen less incidents involving the animals.

At first, the city ordinance banned ten breeds of pit bulls, but, three years ago, Aurora streamlined the list to pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers.

The law has also been modified to allow pit bulls that are certified service dogs and pets that have met very specific restrictions as listed by the city.

The Public Safety Committee meets at the Council Chambers in Aurora Tuesday to discuss repealing the ban.