‘Dumb Starbucks’ turning heads, giving away coffee in California

LOS FELIZ, Colo. -- It's not usually newsworthy when another Starbucks opens.

But this new coffee shop is calling itself “Dumb Starbucks,” with otherwise identical logos and signage to the java giant. The new coffee shop just opened in Los Feliz, California.

If you want a great cup of joe, however, you've come to the wrong place. The coffee is pretty terrible according to most patrons who showed up on opening day. But hey, it’s hard to complain too much, considering the store was giving away all of its coffee for free.

The store’s origins and owner are a mystery. So is the dumb menu.

KCBS asked to speak to the manager, but one never came out. And the baristas weren’t much help, either, saying all they did was answer a wanted ad.

A flyer explains the shop is a legitimate coffee house, but is calling itself “parody art” in an effort to skirt trademark laws and use the Starbucks name and logo for marketing reasons.

Some think that story might be fictional and that the store might just be a front for a reality show. Regardless, it’s the talk of social media right now.

The real Starbucks told KCBS the store isn't one of theirs and it's looking into the matter.

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