Caught on video: Denver deputy slams shackled inmate into courtroom wall

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DENVER — Deputies shackled  Anthony Waller before he appeared in the courtroom in September of 2012. In a video posted online and obtained by the Colorado Independent,

Waller can be heard asking the judge a legitimate question before looking back.

“The investigation should come first and then the arrest?” says Waller.

That’s when Deputy Brad Lovingier loses control. The video shows Lovingier, who is the son of a former Denver county sheriff, grabbing Waller and smashing his head into the wall.

Lovingier then drags Waller into the holding cell and musters this explanation for his actions.

“You don’t turn on me!,” he says.

One person who was watching, Judge Doris Burd, promptly filed an internal affairs complaint with the Denver County Sheriff. But the Denver District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute the deputy.

The internal affairs investigation lasted more than a year with the internal affairs division eventually finding that Lovingier violated several department regulations involving use of force.  He received a 30-day suspension. Deputy Lovingier has appealed and the case is set for February 20.

Fox31 Denver asked criminal justice professor Joseph Sandoval to review the video. He calls the deputy’s actions excessive and criminal.

“If that had been on the man on street that would have been a crime,”  Sandoval said.

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  • Chief Tobias

    Police Brutality is alive and thriving in Denver, a slap on the wrist is why it continues, there’s no Honor in this kind of ACT it must be STOPPED !

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