Study raises concern about ‘third-hand smoke’ from E-Cigarettes

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E-cigarettes are smoke-free electronic products that turn nicotine and other chemicals into vapor inhaled by the user.

E-cigarettes are smoke-free electronic products that turn nicotine and other chemicals into vapor inhaled by the user.

DENVER — New research may have E-Cigarette users think twice about using the devices.

A study by researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute shows the vapors from electronic cigarettes leave behind a potentially toxic residue known as “third-hand smoke.”

The residue — which also occurs in regular cigarette smoke — clings to clothing, furniture and walls, and it’s nearly impossible to get rid of.

Doctors say more research is needed to fully understand exactly how E-Cigarettes affect the body.

“I can’t go and tell you it’s as dangerous as a cigarette — we don’t know that, it may be less dangerous but how less dangerous? It’s unclear,” says Dr. David Beuther, pulmonologist at National Jewish Health in Denver. “It’s the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t know.”

Doctors say the only way you can completely avoid any third-hand smoke is simply to not smoke at all.


  • Uma

    That’s pretty talented, considering that eCigs are non toxic, nicotine has zero carcenogens, and especially the fact that there is zero smoke in them. It’s vapor, not smoke.
    Unadulterated nicotine is no more addictive than caffeine, it’s a depence, not an addiction. That’s what eCigs use, is unadulterated nicotine.
    Real cigs, on the other hand, use nicotine that is adulterated with ammonia, arsenic, and all kinds of not so wonderful chemicals and toxins. Real smokes use glue in the paper, have real smoke, have carcenogens. Even then, the studies don’t prove that SHS causes cancer. In fact, the SHS idea was tossed out of court in 1998 by Judge Osteen, due to the cherry picked nonsense and preconceived conclusions.
    The push is on to get eCigs demonized and taxed like real cigs,NAND to be tossed into the MSA so the ALA, TFK, ACS, etc can continue receiving funds from both the states and the MSA.
    Real cigs sales have fallen below the 1997 MSA grandfather clause. The cig companies are finally free of legal fees. This is due to the ecig’s extreme popularity.
    Do your homework people!

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