Pandora thinks they can figure out if you are a Democrat or Republican

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DENVER — Internet radio service Pandora has a method the company believes will identify listeners as Democrats or Republicans.

It’s a useful piece of information because, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company plans to use the information to sell advertisements to the political parties.

QUIZ: What your playlist says about you

Pandora is matching election results with subscribers’ musical preferences by ZIP code. It then compares that data with a user’s musical tastes and whether or not an artist is more likely to be listened to by Democrats or Republicans.

The initiative is part of a growing trend among media companies to find new ways to tap into information users share freely on the Internet.

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  • M.Cole

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    The question is obvious: Why does Pandora need to know what side of the fence I sit on? This is an atrocity. I am now uninstalling Pandora from all of my devices, blocking the domain on my personal networks (as well as any free networks I run across,) deleting my bookmark for it & cancelling my premium membership. Bye-bye Pandora. When you want to put this evil back in the box I’ll gladly return to your services. Until then it looks like I’ll be spending my money else where.

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