New push in Aurora to repeal pit bull ban in city

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Pit bull

AURORA, Colo. — There is a new push to allow pit bulls back into Aurora.

The city banned the dogs a few years ago, but people rallied at the City Council meeting Monday for their return.

About ten protesters arrived at the Aurora City Council meeting Monday to speak on an item that was not on the council’s agenda.

Martin Konevsky and his lawyer argued their case for the council to repeal the city’s ban on Pit Bulls.

Konevsky lost his dog Hashbrown to the city last December when animal control officers seized the canine.

“It’s unjust,” Konevsky said. “The dog is part of my family.

A spokesperson for the city said there is a draft ordinance that is being studied. If council members decide they like the result of the study it will be brought to the entire council for consideration.

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