Handicapped man’s stolen van recovered; still awaiting its return

Brett Purdom

Brett Purdom

DENVER — The Bear Valley man we told you about, whose van was stolen this past weekend, got some much needed good news Thursday.

The $50,000 handicapped van which was taken by thieves looting the parking garage at his condo complex, was spotted in Highlands Ranch, and police think it was being used by perhaps the same guy who took it from Brett Purdom.

“We had tons of support from friends and FOX viewers but when the detective called us this morning, we were super happy about the news,” said Purdom. “Who knows why anyone would just steal a handicapped van to use as a get-away-car, it’s just unbelievable.”

Police say even though the van was found in Highlands Ranch, the original case began in Denver, so DPD detectives are handling the case.

Before Purdom can get his van back, police need to examine the rig for fingerprints and DNA evidence. In the meantime, another viewer has offered Purdom use of a handicapped van he no longer uses.

What could have been a very expensive issue seems to be turning out positive. Purdom says he will know more when he gets a chance to see how badly or if the van was damaged during its four or five days with bad guys.

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