Colorado satellite company invites you to help search for missing jet

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LONGMONT, Colo. — While a multi-national air and sea effort to find the missing Malaysian jetliner continues South of Vietnam, here in Colorado, satellite company Digital Globe has joined the effort.

“Right now we’re using it to help search for the missing Malaysian airlines flight,” said Digital Globes Luke Barrington.

Digital Globe has five satellites circling the earth. Each of them captures one pixel on the ground which is about one meter, or the size of a home plate on a baseball field.”

The company says on its own initiative, Digital Global repositioned its five satellites over the region where the jetliner dropped off the radar Friday.

With the images so sensitive that they can capture something the size of a piece of paper, it takes a lot of time and eyes to review each of them.

That’s where “crowdsourcing” comes in. Digital Globe posts the images on their website where they invite the public to review them for debris.

Tuesday over 100,000 people helped. So many, the website crashed.

The company says it closely follows the lead of Malaysian investigators to see where to position the satellites next.

With loved ones desperately waiting for word on the vanished Boeing 777 airliner, Digital Globe says they take their corporate responsibility to help seriously. And, of course, the public relations isn’t bad either.

If you are interested in helping, you can check out the website here.

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