Drop in temperatures could turn roads icy after Denver snowstorm

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Wet, snowy roads in metro Denver

Wet, snowy roads in metro Denver

DENVER — Blowing snow, slushy roads and fender benders; winter is not done in Colorado, hitting the state with another round of snow on Tuesday.

Driver Carrie Kaiser said, “I know this is exactly how it is, spring in Colorado. We get most of our snow right about now, so hopefully it’ll be a powder day tomorrow.”

Public Works Departments around the state are hoping for an easy morning commute.

Dave Frost from the Castle Rock Public Works Department said, “With this type of weather and the pavement temperatures being warm, our concrete roads and our bridges will be the first to ice up, so we’re keeping close eye on those right now.”

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Crews around the metro area and in Castle Rock will be working through Tuesday night, de-icing any slick spots. Frost added, “We have nine trucks available, nine operators to come back out and cover the icing of the roads because we’re supposed to drop down into the teens.”

Those freezing temperatures could turn the freeways into a skating rink, like the domino-like accident that happened on I-25 and University a few weekends ago. Driver Dan Manning said, “It’s more the drivers than the roads, in my opinion, which is frustrating.”

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Nevertheless, the roads are the top priority for CDOT and Public Works crews around the state.  “I think we’ll be in really good shape with the trucks out tonight, making the roads safe in the morning, I don’t think it’ll be too bad,” Frost said.

But it is up to drivers to take it slow

“You see the snow plows everywhere you look, but it seems like people still find ways to smack into each other left and right,” said Manning.

Wednesday could see highs of 50 around metro Denver and near 60 on Thursday.