Suspected stoned driver charged with hitting CSP vehicles due in court

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(Credit: Colorado State Patrol)

(Credit: Colorado State Patrol)

DENVER — One of the first men to be suspected and charged with driving under the influence of legal marijuana in Colorado was due in court on Tuesday morning.

Keith Kilbey, 23, was charged with driving under the influence on the night of January 11, after his Chevrolet truck collided with a Colorado State Patrol vehicle parked on the ramp to I-76 from northbound I-25, CSP reported.

Kilbey was due to appear in court for an arraignment hearing at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The accident caused one CSP vehicle, a Crown Victoria, to slam into another nearby CSP vehicle, a Dodge Charger. The CSP vehicles were reportedly parked in the left lane with their emergency lights flashing.

Police suspect Kilbey was under the influence of marijuana, however it was not clear if he was actually subjected to any sort of drug testing. No one was injured in the crash.

“This time we were fortunate, but many officers across the nation are not so lucky,” CSP spokesperson Corporal H. Cobler said. ”It is unacceptable that troopers and their vehicles continue to be hit on our roadways.”