No charges to be filed in connection with 104-car pileup on I-25

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DENVER — Two weeks after a 104-car pileup shut down Denver’s busiest interstate and took one life, it seems the final conclusion of the investigation into the massive accident was that it was just that — an accident

Speaking at a press conference Friday afternoon, Denver Police spokesperson Michael Farr said his department has completed its investigation into the I-25 pileup and determined no criminal charges will be filed.

Farr said it was too difficult to pinpoint who started the accident, attributing the accident mostly the the quick spell of severe winter weather that befell drivers on the morning of March 1.

“A flash freeze built up, and the conditions surprised drivers,” Farr said. “Folks were trying to bring their cars to a stop, they just couldn’t do it.”

As many as 50 to 200 collisions could have occurred within the I-25 pileup zone, which spanned from Logan Street to University Boulevard, Farr said.

Given the intensity of some of the collisions, it was shocking to many that only one person was killed. That one individual Rebecca Newkirk, 61, of Stillwater, Oklahoma. There were also 20 people transported away from the scene with various injuries.

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  • cssidenver

    Sorry but I can’t agree with this decision. This is Colorado and surely there was some possibility of difficult road conditions. Drivers continue to insanely speed and follow at ridiculously close distances and now we have no accountability so they”ll continue doing it. Some drivers even admitted to “following too close”. Well, folks, this is what you get when you tailgate in these conditions. One killed, many injured, prob. a million $$ in damages and nobody is charged?

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