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Police: Kindergarten teacher showed up to school drunk

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Escalante-Biggs Academy in Denver

Escalante-Biggs Academy in Denver

DENVER — A kindergarten teacher at Denver’s Escalante-Biggs Academy School was arrested Thursday morning after police said she showed up to school drunk.

Teresa Berman called to say she was going to be late and another teacher assigned to her class, police said.

According to investigators, Berman came to school but as soon as she walked in the doors, it was obvious something was wrong.

She was immediately taken to the office before she got to the classroom and police were called.

The school sent a letter to parents saying police were called and Berman was arrested. The letter said she admitted to drinking and driving.

“It’s a surprise to me that it happened here at my daughter’s school,” said parent Dora Roberts. “That’s really sad and unfortunate.”

Parents we spoke to said they were concerned but did not want to be too quick to judge.

“Everybody has hard times,” Roberts said.


  • tanya

    Its hard to believe this is my sons teacher and she is a very good teacher my son is doing absolutely great in her class , I have never had any complaint against her, I was just telling people the other day on how she is a great teacher and my son is learning a lot with her. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help with her students. I believe we all make mistakes should have just called in ms. Berman.

  • S

    You shouldn’t defend someone who would do something that dangerous and low when your children are involved! Yes we all make mistakes, this was not a mistake, this was a heinous act made by a rude unkind cheat.

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