Colorado’s child poverty rate increases

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(Credit: MGN Online)

(Credit: MGN Online)

DENVER — A report released Monday shows more children in Colorado were living in poverty in 2012 than during the worst part of the recession.

The Colorado Children’s Campaign’s annual report showed 224,000 children — 18 percent — lived in poverty in the state in 2012. The poverty rate is defined as annual income below $23,000 for a family of four.

During the height of the recession, 210,000 children in the state were living in poverty.

In the latest report, those younger than 6 are most likely to be in poverty and the areas of concentrated poverty (higher than 30 percent) has more than quadrupled since 2000.

“One in six Colorado children still lives in poverty, years after the recession officially ended,” said Chris Watney, President and CEO of the Colorado Children’s Campaign. “We’ve made some steady progress in areas like improving access to quality health care and education, but poverty is a powerful influence on child well-being. If we don’t reverse this trend, we may start losing ground in areas we’ve worked so hard to address.”


  • Jean H

    No surprise there! Colorado is sooooo over priced and the pay is horrible. I came here 13 years ago as a travel nurse and took a $10.00/hour pay cut..reason given to me: If you wanna come to CO and live, you will get paid what we wanna pay you! Well, I’m leaving CO in a year, once I complete my master’s degree. I cannot afford to live here. And lets not forget the traffic issues this city continues to endure and it will NEVER get better. Denver would be wise to take a look at other metro areas around the country.

  • Juan Illegal

    Sanctuary policies coming to roost. When you import and enable poverty what do you get? Boy`s and girl`s?..That`s right poverty!

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