Broomfield police: Burglars tie up mom, close her in closet with kids

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A Broomfield robbery attempt ended with a mother tied up and shoved into a closet with her two kids in their home Wednesday morning.

Police say it’s just the latest in a series of recent burglaries, and they believe the same two men may be responsible.

Rick Martin says his close friend was the victim in the latest burglary in the 4100 block of Red Deer Trail Wednesday.

He says his friend returned home after picking up her two children, and she soon found two men inside.

“They roughed her up just a little bit and tied her up,” Martin said.

Broomfield police say the men then put the mother and her two kids in an upstairs closet. Though she managed to escape, by the time she got out the burglars were gone.

“One of the neighbors came by and saw her standing here in the front yard crying with her hands tied up,” Martin said.

“It’s nerve wracking,” said neighbor Shira Winter. “(Officers) actually searched my house to make sure the guys weren’t in there, and I didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t tell me much at all.”

What neighbors soon learned is that there have been three burglaries in the Red Leaf neighborhood in the past few days. Police also believe a fourth burglary nearby also fits the same description.

“Grab a suitcase, grab a purse, jewelry, cash taken and then they basically leave,” said Joleen Reefe, spokesperson for Broomfield PD. “Today was the exception to that.”

Police believe the confrontation was not something the burglars were looking for. The men were not armed and fled after tying the mother up.

“I’m just very thankful that she wasn’t killed or something else,” Martin said.

Neighbors say they’re not going to be taking their quiet neighborhood for granted.

“I’m going to do a lot of things differently,” Winter said. “Be a lot safer.”

Police are still searching for a suspect vehicle and information on the two men involved.

If you have any information please call Broomfield police at 303-438-5733.