April is Autism Awareness Month

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DENVER – One in 68 kids are autistic. Now researchers are saying many more have not yet been diagnosed. April is Autism Awareness Month.

The problem with diagnosis is that many parents think their kids are just having behavorial problems when in fact they should be treated for Autism.

Jason Houser, 16, is destined to be a screenwriter or actor. He also happens to be autistic.

Jason has a condition called high-functioning Aspergers.

In another case, 10-year-old Logan Zimmerman, who is also deaf, has created his own way of communicating. He was diagnosed with autism after his mom, Shannon Zimmerman, noticed he was socially withdrawn.

“He wasn’t speaking. He wouldn’t play with other kids. He wasn’t learning sign language since he’s deaf as well,” she said.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Hospital discovered that genes responsible for brain evolution might be the same genes linked to the severity of autism.

The signs are problems socializing, focusing and communicating. Pat Rydell of the Rocky Mountain Autism Center says parents should be aware that there is plenty of help available once a diagnosis is made.

“We can no longer hide from the fact there are kids on every block, in every school, in every neighborhood,” Rydell said.

We’re looking at a 30 percent jump in autism cases over the past two years.

For more information about the signs you can visit the National Autism Association. And for more information about support in Colorado, you can visit Autism Colorado.