Denver Police to ramp up curfew enforcement

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DENVER — Chances are your kids are hoping to meet up with their friends on Friday night. If they’re out late, be aware Denver Police will be enforcing the city’s curfew law, especially along the 16th Street Mall, where officers will be actively patrolling.

Police enforce the curfew all year, but they beef up their efforts from now until late September. The weather is a lot nicer, so you’re going to see a lot more kids out along the 16th Street Mall, walking to the movie theater, eating at restaurants and exploring downtown.

According to Denver city code, people 17 and younger are not allowed in public places from midnight to 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.

If your kids are out with someone 18 and older, that person must have written permission from the parent. If your kids are with you past curfew, that’s OK.

There’s also an exemption if they’re working on participating in school activities.

Tonight marks the beginning of the Denver Safe Night program, which gives first-time offenders the option of participating in a diversion program instead of going through the court system.

If they complete it, the case is dropped. Otherwise, a fine will cost up to $125.