Potential FDA move on recycling grain could spike beer prices

DENVER -- Beer-makers in Colorado are upset about a proposal to keep them from recycling their used grain, and it could affect how much you pay for a beer this summer.

The Food and Drug Administration wants to stop beer brewers from selling their leftover grain to ranches so it can be used as food for cattle.

It's not a requirement yet, but beer-makers make money off their used grain and say the new regulation would force them to dump millions of tons of it instead of recycling.

The grains are used barley, wheat and other grains that are steeped in hot water. The FDA is trying to make sure beer-makers meet the same standards as livestock and pet food manufactuers

The overhaul also involves new sanitary handling procedures. The government says doing this will cut down on the spread of bacteria that can make animals and people sick.

Heavy hitters from the beer industry have been included in hearings. They want the government to reconsider.

Recycling the grain brings in money for beer-makers. Using that grain helps ranchers because feed prices are three times higher than recycled grain. The cost could be passed on, though it's not expected to be a huge increase.

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