‘Rapping staff sergeant’ teaches girl how to take care of her cast

FORT DRUM, N. Y. — An Army medic in New York has come up with a creative way to teach children how to take care of a cast.

Staff Sgt. Shareef Stokely is being nicknamed the “rapping staff sergeant.” He came up with a song he calls the “Cast Rules Jingle,” in which he raps about making sure the cast doesn’t get dirty or cause infection.

A video of Stokely posted on YouTube has around 440,000 views as of Thursday at noon.

The video shows the jingle being performed for Jayden Bennett, 8, who broke her foot at a playground, reported Today.com.

“The medic was AMAZING,” Jessica Bennett told TODAY in an email. “He was actually singing some Disney tunes before he even started putting the cast on her just to make her feel more comfortable.”

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