FAA investigating drone flying over Denver 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park

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DENVER — The Federal Aviation Administration has launched an official investigation into what may have been an unauthorized drone flying above Denver’s 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park on Sunday.

Allen Kenitzer, a spokesperson for the FAA Northwest Mountain and Alaska Regions, confirmed the investigation had been launched as of Tuesday, saying even unmanned aircraft need some level of FAA authorization before utilizing U.S. airspace.

FAA guidelines state that any aircraft flying higher than 400 feet has indeed crossed into U.S. airspace. Flying any sort of unmanned aircraft lower than that mark is considered hobby flying, and those aircraft don’t require the same sort of FAA authorization.

It had not yet been confirmed as of Tuesday whether the hexacopter drone spotted by FOX31 Denver cameras above the rally on Sunday was flying above 400 feet.

“All I can say about this (drone) incident is that it is under investigation,” Kenitzer wrote in an email.