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Frontier airlines introduces new fare, fee structure

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Frontier Airlines jet taxis to gate at Denver International Airport

DENVER — Frontier Airlines is saying change is good.

“We have lowered fares 12 percent,” said CEO David Siegel. “We are changing our fare structure by offering only two fare options—Economy and Classic Plus—effective for all tickets purchased after April 28, 2014.”

Basically the airline is joining other carriers who are letting people pay for what they use.

From the first checked bag at $15, to carry-on bags starting at $20, to a second from $30 to the ability to choose your seat starting at $3 on every flight, to on-board snacks and refreshments.

For even more savings the home town airline is introducing their Discount Den, a club whose members can receive discount fees on bags and access to ongoing promotional savings opportunities. Members will save $5 off their carry-on at time of booking and $5 off their first bag at check-in.

“We want customers to have the opportunity to pick a la carte from a less confusing menu which will save them money flying,” said Siegel.

As an example: a flight booked Monday on United between Denver and Los Angeles will cost about $846, on Southwest $268 and on Frontier $204.

Good savings if you can only bring one carry-on and don’t want any extra leg room. While the carrier used to offer a four-tier fee structure, some found the options very confusing.

“We had a hard time explaining the options to customers who used us to book their flights,” said Steve Tobin who owns The Travelers Edge.

“While customers can compare fares online, those fares can be driven up by those ‘cookies’ which give folks a look at what you are trolling for.

When you compare the fares and log back onto the carrier’s site, you will see the flight has jumped in price. By using a travel agent we can make sure you avoid the airline cookie snooping.”

As always, shopping around for fares is best, but by paying a small fee with an agent, you can make sure you get the best price and have someone to call if and when a trip goes bad. They say they answer their phone 24/7 without sitting on hold with your carrier.

Oh, if you love the tail critters on Frontier, you’ll be seeing them more as the new fare set up rolls out.