CDOT: Semi rollovers along I-70 due to hazardous winds

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Twelve to 15 semis rolled over along I-70 April 29, 2014 due to high winds. (Photo: CSP

Twelve to 15 semis rolled over along I-70 April 29, 2014 due to high winds, CDOT says. (Photo: CSP Limon/Twitter)

BYERS, Colo. — A number of semi trucks and camper trailers rolled over along Interstate 70 Tuesday due to hazardous winds.

About 12 to 15 semis and three to four camper trailers over turned along I-70 from Byers all the way to the Kansas border Tuesday, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Restrictions were put into effect in the eastern area, asking empty high-profile vehicles to avoid I-70 east of Denver because of dangerous winds.

The Colorado State Patrol in Limon tweeted out an image of one of the overturned tractor-trailers.

Maintenance crews from the Department arrived on scene to access the rollovers. CDOT said crews planned to leave the trucks on their sides until the winds died down enough to turn them back upright.

CDOT said the stretch of roadway was not closed because visibility wasn’t a problem.

A spokesperson from CDOT estimated it would take crews several hours to wait out the winds and get the trucks and campers upright again.

She added that Highway 40 was also experiencing adverse weather and the road was closed from Limon to Kit Carsen due to brown-out conditions.