Dog owner says Commerce City police shot, killed both her dogs

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Scene in Commerce City where dog owner says police shot both her dogs

Scene in Commerce City where dog owner says police shot both her dogs

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — A dog owner says police shot and killed both of her dogs Wednesday evening in Commerce City.

This happened near East 60th Avenue and Newport Street.

The woman talked to FOX31 Denver but did not want to be identified.  She says she was at work and when she arrived home she found that officers shot and killed her two dogs.

She says police told her they shot them because they “went after someone.” Reports from the scene indicate they bit a neighbor.

The owner of the dogs, a rottweiler and a “mix,” says they have barked at strangers in the past. She does not believe they should’ve been killed.

She thinks the wind must have blown the gate open and that’s how they got out of her yard.

She says she had the two dogs since they were puppies and she never had any trouble with them before Wednesday. The woman says she received a ticket for having aggressive dogs.

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  • Paula Waetzig

    I am so frustrated with your one sided account of this incident. What about the poor girl and small dog that were attacked. Why aren’t you talking to her, or anyone else who has been attacked by a vicious dog. The police did the right thing shooting, and keeping the victim and perhaps future victims safe. I do not like the idea that dogs are placed above the safety of others. I for one, feel I should be able to walk down the street, with my small dog on a leash, and not have to worry about being attacked by some irresponsible persons dog. I don’t care how much you love your dogs, or how safe you “think” they are. Public safety has to come first.

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