New kids GPS bracelet promises to keep tabs on children

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GPS band keeps track of kids' location at all times

GPS band keeps track of kids' location at all times

DENVER — It’s every parent’s fear: you’re at the park, or on the playground: you look away for just a minute, and your child disappears.

How do you keep tabs on your kids?  Do you give a cell phone to a seven year old?  A group of dads may have come up with a better solution: a bracelet that tells you where they are at all times, so you can keep your family safe.

When their own kids wandered off during vacations, Jason Hicks and his entrepreneurial friends came up with an idea:  what if they made a device so that we can tabs on our kids at all times?  Not a cell phone, but a bracelet, that interacts with our cell phones.

“Did a lot of research and found out there just isn’t anything like this,” Hicks told FOX 31 Denver.

So they came up with Kidsport GPS, a colorful wrist band or ankle bracelet with a build in GPS tracker that promises to tell you, within about 15 feet, where your kids are at all times.

So we decided to put it to the test, with the help of a young girl (and her mother and brother at her side).  We told them to get lost inside Denver’s Washington Park while wearing one of the bracelets.

“Ok, so looks like there’s a path she’s by, kind of near the basketball courts,” Hicks said a few minutes later, looking at the Kidsport GPS app on his iPhone that shows where the little girl went.

Hicks says the phone will even let you track several kids at once.  And it’s not just for kids who’ve wandered away.  It could be a big help in child abduction cases too.  If the bracelet is removed or cut off, it sends an instant alert to the parent’s cell phone.  And it has a panic button kids can push that will alert parents too.

After a few more minutes of walking through the park, we think we’ve pinpointed the little girl’s location – close to the tennis courts, along the walking path.  And sure enough, that’s exactly where we found her. The GPS bracelet worked like a charm, just as promised.

The inventors say the possibilities are endless, from the neighborhood to the park to the playground, even next time you go skiing.  In fact, they’ve struck a deal to sell or rent Kidsport GPS bracelets at several Colorado ski resorts starting next season.

“We’ve had all sorts of calls, from parents with kids with autism, to parents going to Disney world,” Hicks said.

It’s an idea thought up by a few dads – who they think can help parents keep close tabs on their kids, without breathing down their necks.

The KidSport GPS device is available for pre-sell right now, at a cost of $129.  They can be purchased on the Kidsport GPS website.


  • Tina

    I don’t know if I would spend money on some thing that can only track my kids within 15ft away from me. That would be stupid. If you can’t see your kid that is 15ft in front of you, you are either blind or retarded

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