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Racist flyers posted in northwest Denver neighborhood

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Racist flyers posted in Highland area of Denver

Racist flyers posted in Highland area of Denver

DENVER — Someone with hatred in their heart is showcasing it for a Denver neighborhood to see.

People in a northwest Denver alerted police about some racist flyers posted on their streets.

It’s the second similar incident in Denver in about a week.

Now, police are looking for a culprit.

Police went door-to-door in the Highland neighborhood to see if anyone saw somebody posting the flyers.

It’s a crime ironic for this area, in the 3400 and 3500 block of Pecos St, which is still predominantly Hispanic.

Messages on a mural speak to the long immigrant nature of this Highland neighborhood in transition. The colorful wall shows quotes like “I come from people who dream of a better life” and “my family.”

But, new message derogatory of Hispanics—five of them—posted on telephone poles, have the community sending a message of their own.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” says resident Esther Serrano.

“The majority of people don’t feel that way,” says resident Cory Burgas.

Neighbors called police about the flyers along the two-block stretch of Pecos.

Immediately they came down and police concern shot up.

“This is meant to incite people is what it appears is the intent of the person posting this,” says Denver Police Commander Paul Pazen.

Just days ago, residents of a Five Points neighborhood received racist letters that targeted an elderly black woman.

“We looked into that absolutely,” says Pazen.

But he says the two have no connection whatsoever.

The earlier case is considered a hate crime.

This one, he says, is free speech.

“When we specifically target an individual, make threats to persons, that’s when it crosses the line from free speech to a criminal violation,” he says.

At neighboring Black Eye Coffee, patrons hope the flyers don’t give the neighborhood a black eye.

“It’s upsetting we can’t just live together in peace and people are making a big deal out of it (diversity),” says Burgas.

Neighbors say the only message the person who posted the flyers is sending is they’re ignorant and intolerant.

“I figure it’s somebody who’s trying to make problems,” says Serrano.

“People shouldn’t be like that. I love everybody, no matter what color you are,” says resident Margarita Fierro.

Since this crime did not threaten anyone or target an individual, it’s only considered a municipal violation of posting on public property.

Police are now processing the five flyers for evidence. They hope it leads to a suspect.